Frequently Asked Questions – PreCBD

Begin with 1 drop 3 times a day. For more specifics please head over to our “Which dose should I take” page – click here.

Will it interact with my medication?

CBD reduces the activity of a liver enzyme, that is responsible for the breakdown of many substances, like medication. CBD can lower blood pressure, which could become too low if other medication is being taken to produce the same results. Dizziness or weakness can be a result.

CBD can help keep blood sugar levels in check. We’ve heard that some people are able to use less insulin after having taken the oil regularly for a period. Keeping an eye on the blood sugar level is important when administering insulin together with taking . As far as we know the oil can be taken with any and all kinds of nutritional supplements. 

Could I get addicted to CBD?

CBD oil is in no way addictive. Only  THC, which is almost absent in CBD oil, has psychoactive potential, which the body will build up a tolerance for with time.  There is no sense of withdrawal when the oil is discontinued. CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive potential, howevert it does influence several biochemical processes through which it can deliver its calming and soothing effects on mental well-being.

Will I sleep better?

Some people sleep well on CBD, others don’t. It usually depends on the reason why sleeping is difficult. CBD can help relax the body and mind, and take away aches and pains, so that sleeping becomes easier. On the other hand, some people notice an uplifting effect, giving energy which could make falling asleep a bit more difficult. Usually, once fallen asleep, the rest of the night is calm. Should you notice that falling asleep proves more difficult, then take your last drops of the day some 2-3 hours before sleeping. The energizing effect should pass, after which the calming effects should come through, aiding sleep. 

Can I give it to my pet?

Dogs and cats react very well to CBD oil. The possible applications are numerous, ranging from epilepsy to arthritis to skin disorders. The metabolism of dogs is relatively high, which is a possible explanation of why results follow rather shortly after starting with the oil. The effective dosage is usually lower than needed for humans. The oil can be put straight into the mouth, or rubbed on the gums. It’s important that it doesn’t get spit out. Some animals aren’t fond of the taste, so putting the drop(s) on a treat can be an option. Adding it to the water bowl is said to work in some cases, though the oil doesn’t mix with water, making it unclear if the uptake is efficient. Please find more inform on our PET page!

How is the oil best stored?

The oil is best stored dark at room temperature. In the fridge, the CBD oil we use might solidify, making it harder to get out of  the dropper. Heat and light will speed up the breakdown of certain cannabinoids, so this is best avoided. The oil lasts at least a year, but probably a lot longer due to a certain self-sterilizing effect from the cannabinoids.

Louise Hoffman